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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rain, Rain, Went Away (But Came Back)

2000 meters warmup
6x100 striders
2x1000 vf (300)[400], 4:33-4:50
3x200 f (100)[400]
1x800 vf (300), 3:42-3:50
2x200 f (100)[400]
various bounding and skipping
400 warmdown

total: 6.625 miles

Wind: W at 0 mph
Humidity: 85%

Pouring rain now at 7:45 p, but a short window of sun allowed us to run. Smaller crowd, maybe six of us, but a good workout.

I didn't wear my watch, and can't remember my times, but I know was a bit too fast. While this should not be a problem on the surface, the workout was structured to accomplish things other than pure speed. Our coach is pretty known for his focus in this kind of thing, which, though somewhat above my head, does make sense.

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