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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Racing My Brain: Running a Week Before the Gun

A 7:05 mile pace will get my a smidgen under 22:00, and a new PR. It will also keep my starting pace at something manageable. If I hit it square-on, I'll see a 21:57.5.

Factors: I'm getting in better aerobic shape. Better, I think, than anytime last year. I'm more disciplined about pace. Heat: 87° is predicted. If true, going out gonzo the first mile would drain every corpuscle of usefulness.

If I start at that 7:05, and I have a great race, the best I think I can do is a 21:15. The worst? I think 22:30.

A decent race will get me under 22:00. A 21:30 (7:05 + 2.1 miles x 6:52) could be in the cards. The hard part will be starting slow.

Other goals (be aggressive)
  1. A strong second mile.
  2. A racing mentality: can I pick off the next guy?
  3. Work the hills
  4. Pick up at 19:00: no matter how far I have run, I need to surge gradually. I should have less than a half mile to go.

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