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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two PRs - 3.1 Miles & Mile

.91 miles wu
3.1 miles hard (21:52 - 7:03/mile)
1.01 miles recovery
1.0 miles hard (6:22)
.75 miles ws
course: Wheaton Recreation Center

total: 6.77 miles

Two PRs. That's a good workout

3.1 Miles
Held steady for 3.0 miles at 7:03.5, then picked it up. I could have picked it up sooner. A 21:30 or 21:45 was in me tonight. It felt hard, but comfortable. I never pushed it, or lost control of my form.

Mile 1-3.0 = 7:03.5/mile
Last Mile (2.1-3.1) = 7:01

After an easy recovery, I ran hard for a mile, and finished in 6:22, knocking off three seconds from my time last week.

How I will miss this days when the getting in shape part is over and my times plateaus!

I have 1:52 to slice from my time, plus I need to convert the treadmill factor to real ground, under race conditions. To get it done by September 30 looks like a possibility only with a huge jump. I just had two big jumps, but I need more to pull it off. Logically, it might not happen until late October, but this is not the kind of progress that happens exactly per plan. All I can do is train smart and run hard. The rest (all of it, really) is up to God.

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