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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tracking Heat, Drinking Beer, Meeting Friends

2 mile wu
6x100 m striders

600 (200)
400 (200)
3x200 (100)[400]

600 (200)
400 (200)
3x200 (100)

600 wd

total: 5.625 miles

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: W at 10 mph
Humidity: 55%
course: Wheaton College track

A hot time in the summertime. We ran ladders, or, rather, an adjusted form of them. Heat and I have never been good friends, but, yesterday, we made some peace.

As always, to my misfortune, I started faster than I should. A 2:20 600, a speedy time for me, caused me some trouble right out the gate. I pressed through OK with a 1:40 400. Not quite right, I rested too long, and jumped in at the last 150 of the second 600 of Frank's group for the next set. My 200s I remember were 49, 43, 45. None of those were a struggle.

Afterwards, Jim had us over at his house for pizza. Nice home with a terrific porch, perfect for lemonade drinking and late night reading. Big black retriever named Sasha. Jim showed us a bunch of things he received from his three Olympics. Far more gear than I would have imagined. Rings, participation medals, all kinds of jackets. Even boxers.

His wife, Cindy, rolls with it all, having surely heard him tell his Michael Johnson (world record, 200 meters) autograph story a hundred times. She showed me her Eiffel Tower collection, a room filled with pictures, statures, and things made from the tower, like lamps, indicating her love for all things French.

Getting to chat with the other runners and their spouses was fun. While running is certainly the focus on the track, everyone has more complete lives than running in a circle.

Rudi brought by some Amstel Light. I had never had one, and am not sure what I think in general. I do know that, as thirsty as I was, it never tasted so good. It reminded me of the days I would help my dad cut the lawn, and he'd offer my the smallest few drops in a tiny cocktail shrimp cup. Thirsty days make beer taste better.

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