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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tough Workout - Felt Great

2 mile wu
600 wd

Total: 6.28125 miles

Wind: E at 6 mph
Humidity: 68%
course: Wheaton College track

Felt good all around. John Grebe wasn't there, so I missed my training buddy. This left stranded when Brad, Gary and Margaret's group pulled out of my reach. Hit 200s around 40-45, and some 250s in 51. I held back, not sure what is a good pace for me still. I don't want to burn out.

Weather was better. I'm at a sleep deficit after being up most of last night for no good reason, so that must have slowed me down.

Cooler, kinder weather made the evening workout nicer. I'm looking forward to September-early October.

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