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Friday, August 31, 2007

800 PR, Good Quick Workout

1700 meters wu
800 3:23 (400)
600 2:33 (400)
800 3:05 (400)
600 2:22
1800 wd

total: 4.6875 miles

Wind: NE at 5 mph
Humidity: 42%
course: COD track

I wanted to follow-up yesterday's workout with a somewhat hard, but not long, workout today. Accomplished that. With the race coming up Monday, I will not be able to get in a long hard run tomorrow. Instead, I'm planning a relaxed six miler, with a day off Sunday.

Once again, the difference between COD's track and Wheaton College's was evident. Dirt clumps through lane 1, especially in the final 100 meter section.

Tonight was simple: warm-up, plus a few intervals, then an easy warm down. The victory was my second 800, the fastest I have run yet in this era, a 3:05. It is a long way from my 2:07, but still, much faster than my first one a few months ago. Hopefully, from this can be extrapolated a faster 5K. We'll see on Monday.

Now, my legs are tired and ache a little. Hopefully no big deal. I'm doing exercises to mitigate shin splints, stretches for calf and other flexibility issues, and as many sit-ups as I can handle. A few push-ups now and again to get some upper body strength.


David Dane said...

That wasn't the track you running on there at COD. That was the obstacle course for the Army Reserve candidates. I found Wheaton's track to be much better than COD's track.

Resilient Hawk said...

Sad to say, the dirt climps aren't the only trouble on the track. It seems to be a combination of wear and tear thanks to the age of the track itself, and improper treatment of it by football players and coaches. Frequently, field equipment is scattered in the lanes - benches, tables.

For a school of its caliber, as expensive as it is to replace a track (it can cost $1 million), I would have guessed they would teach the players and coaches to be more careful.

By the way, some young Army recruits or ROTCs were in the parking lot when I finished up.