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Friday, August 24, 2007

4.79 Happy Miles

3 miles wu
1 mile hard (6:25)
.79 miles wd

total: 4.79 miles

course: Wheaton Recreation Center

Good workout, albeit short. Started with 50 sit-ups at home. The 3 miles was a gradual speed increase from 8:57/mile to 7:30/mile, then, simultaneously, an increase from 0 incline to 1.0 incline. I don't know what the number means, but higher is harder.

Paused the machine (treadmill), took a 2-3 minute break, then ran a 6:25 mile, gradually increasing the speed from 6:48/mile to 6:00/mile. No incline.

The mile was interesting - first time I felt the ache of a hard run. This is different than breathlessness or muscle ache, per se, but it made me want to stop. I felt it especially near the last 600-700 meters, increasing in intensity. To run a 20:00 5K, I will need to learn to tolerate more pain.

My warm down was especially slow, but it got the job done.

Then, a few lifts on a device to strengthen whatever are the muscles causing shin splints (my current trouble), and another 3x20 sit-ups using a sit-up machine. Tom Reichert, a trainer at the Wheaton Recreation Center was quite helpful.

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