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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Average - 5.5 miles in 51:20

5.5 LSD - 51:20 (9:20)
.25 wd

total: 5.75 miles

Wind: N at 0 mph
Humidity: 64%
course: Springbrook Prairie

Once again, I began dreaming of 11 miles, and once again, I wimped out. In the great spreadsheet of all my runs, this one was average.

I felt OK, but finish with two stitches, one below each rib cage in the back. Met Colin, a guy finishing 14 miles. He came behind me near the end - with a half mile to go, but I would not have it. No, not me! I gave him the ol' fartlek dash, and left him in my dust.

Talked to him afterward. He's training for Chicago, hopes to break 4:00. I think he's there if his training holds up.

That is a good goal - to not let anyone pass me the last half mile.

First mile, 9:05
At four miles, 37:33
Last half mile at 7:50 pace, gradually picking up.

My lackluster effort this morning could be due to be sick Thursday, and just not feeling well yesterday. Two days off, as well as having run only once within the last week, may have played a part.

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