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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Round and Round (No Mulberry Bushes) 200s, 250s

Mulberry Bushes2 mile warm-up
4x200 f (100)[400]
3x250 gfgf (150)[400]
3 x 200 fgfgf (100)[400]
2 x 150 vf (50)
600 warm-down

total: 5.59375 miles

Wind: SE at 4 mph
Humidity: 56%
course: Wheaton College track

All those letters are Jim's way of saying we run a bunch of 200s, 250s, then some 150s at alternating paces, based roughly on our 5K pace, with a breather in-between each.

While it adds up to more or less the same as his other workouts as far miles go, there's something tougher about shorter distances. True, the pain is over quickly, but it starts up round again just as swiftly. With mile repeats, it all seems easier, at least to me.

My own workout was slightly shorter, adjusted in distance and repetition. I simply was weak. I started my first 200 too fast right out of the gate, and things went downhill from there.

It has not been a good week. I last ran on Saturday, slept poorly, ate poorly, and have been feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of life. My internet access was wiggy. My cell phone was in and out. My power even went out. I dropped the ball in a few places, and things just felt dodgy. The only stress relief I have had was catching Iron Man last night. A good run would have helped, but did I?

Two upsides -- Friend Matt Jewell was there, foolishly running despite his plan to run the Indianapolis Life 500 Festival Mini-Marathon this Saturday. Friend Jody Cantey was there for the first time, looking to get the engine going for a fall half marathon.

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