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Saturday, May 31, 2008

14 Times Halfway Around

1.25 miles warmup
14x200 meters (100)
.25 warmdown

total: 4.25 miles

Wind: N at 6 mph
Humidity: 71%
course: Wheaton College track

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: W at 3 mph
Humidity: 58%

Hit the track with Aliz, warmed up with her for 1.25 miles, then entirely forgot to run strides.

Converted "14 x :45 f (1)" into 14x200 meters with 100 meter jog recovery. Ran into old friend Oliver, and wound up cutting short my warmdown.

The 200s I tried to keep at :45, which mostly I was right under at 44.##. One was :39, one was :47. The rest hovered as intended. My recovering was a slow 100 meters for about 1:00.

Met Mike, who might be stopping by the track on Thursdays.

The workout was not entirely as hoped, but close. There is still some getting used to having a workout already before I go, and following through from start to finish.

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