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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

7.0 Miles (or so): 8-6-4-2 (x100, x2): All Good

3200m warm-up
6x100 striders
2 sets of 800 f (300) 600 f (300) 400 f (200) 3x200 gfg (100) [400]
600m warmdown

total: 7.0 miles

Wind: NW at 1 mph
Humidity: 19%
course: Wheaton College track

Before the workout
Did we do this last year? I don't remember. Looking at this now, somewhat tired from last night, I see myself being exhausted by day's end. There's 7.0 miles of a workout, most of it pretty fast.

Usual, for me, right now, hovers 95-100 seconds for a 400. I had an 83 one night this spring, but I simply am not sure what's ready for the go. Fresh means, as I understand it, floating smoothly, which, for a 400, should be around our 5K pace. According to my last race (23:53), this means 114 per 400, but I think the reality is closer to 22:00 or 22:30.

Either way, it all adds up to tough night forthcoming.

Finish tonight as described, and I will have 31.1 miles for the last week, a high for 2008, and one of the highest mile counts since beginning again in 2007.

After the workout
Sorry for the numeric post title. Snazzy titles for what is merely a tough day at the track are hard to find.

Tonight's workout is Thursday's, but Jim is busy tomorrow.

I felt good. Started out feeling better than expected with a slightly faster than usual warm-up. My times - Jim will send them on and I will update this post, were likewise strong.

Jim had to pull me back on the 200s, as I started running them too hard, pressing them. My 400s were quick, but careful.

My 800s - 3:17, 3:14
My 600s - 2:29, 2:27
My 400s - 1:27, 1:34(?)
My 200s - :42, (?), :45, :45, :40, :42

Recovering now, (writing this the next morning), feels good. No aches or anything. Today (Thursday) is open. I think I will run around six miles. Maybe eight. Undecided. Whatever I do, it will be easy, slow. Having this free day will allow me to log some LSD, burn a few calories, and enjoy the big lap around the neighborhood. Tomorrow, I'm back on the schedule -- either a free day or 35-45:00, my call.

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