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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mix of Oprah, "Sports Illustrated" and "Running Times" - review "Runner's World

Runner's World [1-year]
Hardcore runners will read "Runner's World" because they have to. It popularizes the sport, and brings newcomers 'up to speed' about issues and techniques important to them, as well as clues them in on who is who out on the road. a great magazine, except I simply prefer the depth of training and racing issues Running Times provides a bit more. Really. I wish I could've given this magazine a 3.9.

Running is a funky subculture, and Runner's World defines and educates that culture.

Since the late George Sheehan wrote his famous column that emphasized running as a spiritual endeavor, Runner's World has taken on an Oprah Winfrey/Deepak Chopra sort of generalist running philosophy. That's not all bad, as I think the magazine thoroughly encourages fitness through running.

It isn't all fluff. There is plenty for the more avid runner to soak up. The avid runner will find their marathon coverage, especially Boston and New York, impressive.

Their running shoes review is what any runner will benefit from. It details every aspect of what makes a great shoe, almost to the point of parody. However, parody or not, their analysis will help you buy the shoe you need for your foot for your distance in your environment.

Buy a subscription to Runner's World, lace up, and get out on a run!

I fully recommend Runner's World.

Anthony Trendl


Andrew is getting fit said...

Trying to get that free subscription? ;)

Resilient Hawk said...

If they want to renew my subscription, I am cool with it. They tell me I have two issues left.

Maybe if I were the only blogger to ever mention them, I would have a shot.

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