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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alone Again Naturally, But Closing the Gap

3200 meter warm-up
6x100 striders
2x1000 f (300)[400] goal: 4:16-4:28 (reality: 4:28, 4:27.73)
3x250 gfg (150)[400]
2x1000 f (300) goal: 4:16-4:28 (reality: 4:12, 4:19)
600 meter warmdown

total: 6.78125 miles

Wind: N at 9 mph
Humidity: 55%
course: Wheaton College track

Before the Workout
Today has two new factors kicking in. The first is that I have logged a lot of miles prior. In the last nine days, I have run eight. This is new to me. My legs are tired. Second is, for the first time, I have precise times to focus on. Instead of a vague speed concept, 'fresh', it is defined for me. In this case, as 4:16-4:28 for my 1000s. That's a 6:49-7:09 pace. I don't know what kind of juice I've got. Now, four hours before I hit the track, I am tired thinking about it.

After the Workout
Surprised myself by hitting my marks in all but one 1000, running one actually faster. My thighs are already sore, and I think tomorrow might be a day off (I have the option).

Felt good overall, including for the 250s. Kept with the first group for the first one, but pulled back for the next two, realizing that I needed gas for the second set of 1000.

Progress is evident, and the expectation is more is on the way. It would be nice to settle into a pace, set up with the group ahead of me, and get this blastedly depressing Gilbert O'Sullivan tune out of my head.

Cool weather prevailed. Good thing, too. I was without my bandanna, and that just wasn't right.

Young Alex was there. He's a fourth grader who likes running with us. He is a decent runner, still looking for his stride. He's yet to learn how to pace himself but he has a lot of vigor and love for the sport.

Jody is now a fixture there, and finding her pace, moving up a few notches. She's got a half marathon in her sights, using Hal Higdon's plan. Like me, she runs alone, not quite in either group. This will change, but for now, she suffers between zones.

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again


Jill said...

Glad to see you running and making good progress.

I just started training for my 2nd marathon: Oct 19 in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. This time around, I'm following Level 2 of the "Brain Training for Runners" plan, although I'm already 2 weeks behind since there are 22 weeks until the marathon (and it's a 24 week plan).


Resilient Hawk said...

Thanks, Jill,

Brain training? How so?

What time are you shooting for?

I wish a marathon was in me, and it may be, but I have wobbly knees. As I get stronger, I can look toward 2009 (Chicago, most likely, as I am 45 minutes away). I love speed, though, and a 5K is well suited for that. I'm flirting with some track race this summer too, just to see what kind of mile I still have in me (have a 4:44 from HS).

My progress is good, and my training is stronger, more focused. It is the long-term I am looking for. I would rather PR in August than June, in a way.

If you are ever up this way, drop by to our club for some intervals (though it looks like you are 4-5 hours away).

Jill said...

Here's a link to the book:

My main goal is less than 5 hours, but I have a secondary goal to be around 4:30. I don't have as good a base as I would prefer, and the first week was less than stellar. SOmetimes I think I'd be better off to just focus on shorter distances, but I find I tend to slack off when I do. Kinda hard to go do a half or especially a full marathon without putting in the time. :-)

I still need to go do 6-8 miles today, but my hamstrings are VERY sore from Friday's "dynamic stretching" walking lunges as part of the warmup. They were a hair's breadth from cramping for some mysterious reason. I don't normally cramp much.
The run will probably have to wait until tomorrow.

I'd love to do some intervals with your club. A good friend of mine lives in Glen Ellyn & I'm overdue for a visit up there.

Meanwhile ... back to watching the Indy 500 ...

Resilient Hawk said...

Seems the book got mixed reviews. Love or hate the book. One positive review was blasted with negative votes. Interesting.

Jack Daniels was profiled in the May issue of "Running Times."

A sub-5:00? Having never run 26.2, I can't say if that's tough, but that just under 11:30/mile. No doubt, base makes or breaks long distance success. You might be able to gut through a 5K, but 26.2 is more than will power.

Our coach's view of a warm-up, in my year running with him, is 15 minutes very easy (usually, rounded up to two miles at whatever time it takes), followed by striders - 100 meters at a quick pace (not all out), lengthening the stride. He occasionally shows us stretching, but we don't do stretches as a group. We do stretch, but everyone does their own thing.

I'm doing more light stretching during my days off, or just sitting around at home.

Our warm-downs are surprisingly short. A long lap around an adjacent field - about 600 meters. The goal is to help move along lactic acid, that going longer doesn't help. I'm still learning about all of this.

Today's a day off, and I'm enjoying the rest. Tomorrow is 40-45 minutes at a decent, but not hard pace. If all goes well, this will mean around an 8:45 pace, 4.5-5.25 miles.