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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Race Time Approaches: 2008 Begins at 8:00 AM

I'm sitting in my home office, waking up. Normally, timetables are less important, but in precisely one hour, the gun goes off.

A challenge, and I suspect this goes for everyone, elites, included, to fully awake. By 'awake', I mean alert, but also, to avoid sounding crude, moved along. Going to the bathroom matters. Extra weight, of course, but more to the point, cramps.

Today's race is only 5K. A half mile warm-up, a couple striders, and bang! Within a half hour, I have caught my breath, found my buddies, and am chowing a cookie. By then, at 8:30, I am pleased or not pleased with the results.

My goal is modest. What place I am in is incidental. Did I keep a good pace? A good pace here, today, only means strong, consistent. Ideally, it also means under 7:26/mile. Did I hold form? Did I push the last mile? How was my confidence?

Reporting back to you this afternoon. Over and out. It's time to go.

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