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Monday, April 28, 2008

Sub-50, and Not Dead Yet

Sitting here in a Panera Bread, eating a toasted and buttered Cinnamon Crunch Bagel with some hazelnut coffee, I am probably not helping my cause. However, minor joy has cause to be celebrated. My resting pulse late last night counted at just below 47, and this morning, was steadily at 49.

Pretty good, huh? Having a low pulse only means I am fitter, not faster, but getting faster requires I get fitter, so it all comes around.

At my fittest, my pulse hovered just above 40. Am I on my way back that low? Too many variables. I'm older, and how my body's cardiovascular system works is different. Still, it was above 60 not so long ago, and the encouragement is good. Other runners have a similar rate, as discussed in Runner's World, in their online forum.

It means my body is responding to the long aerobic runs, recovering well, and releasing life's other stresses.

In a fitness class in college, the instructor told us that our resting pulse will drop a beat a week if we include three days of 20 minutes of aerobic exercise. I am doing more than that, so the quick progress is not entirely unexpected. How long will this continue? Beats me. I know I have weight yet to lose, and a lot of getting in shape still to do. I am guessing that under 50 will be the norm.

You should try one of these bagels. Very tasty. 420 calories, and delicious.

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