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Monday, May 26, 2008

Check, Check? 1-2-3? All's Good That Ought To Be Good.

Monday Check-in

135.3 lbs. (up)
46 - Pulse (down)

All checks out well. My hamstrings and calves have recently given me aches, but presently, I'm good.

Pulse is dropping. Last night, 47. This morning. 46. Today is a rest day, so it may even drop more by day's end. It is consistently under 50 for the last several days.

My weight is up. I cannot explain this. My miles have increased, and my diet has decreased. Muscle? The scale is fickle, so tomorrow it may go down again. My weight is only a concern in that running will be easier as I weigh less, but otherwise not crucial. Getting under 130 by July would not surprise me, and with it, my times.

My workouts, in all, have been good. All is moving forward better this spring than last, with a race coming up June 7, in less than two weeks from today.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for popping by my blog. I do have very distant dreams of actually jogging or running (eek?) the London Marathon, but as I am currently so fat I can only waddle I know that my first priority has to be to get my weight down.

If you're still watching my progress in a year's time I might be up to jogging by then! :-)


Resilient Hawk said...

Running a marathon is serious business, but thousands upon thousands complete them yearly. London's is well-known among runners, so you would have great support.

It is a fantastic goal, I think, because it would demonstrate a great deal of success in so many categories, not just weight loss.

First step to any marathon hope is to running a mile, then 5K, and so on. The journey will take time, and careful monitoring of your health. Fitness is the greater goal, so slow progress until you lost a few pounds is key.

Be encouraged if all you can do it walk a block. Discouragement is what stops us from doing anything at all.

Exercise, as you know, will ensure the weight you lose stays off. If you can only walk, so be it. If you keep doing the right things the right way, you will see the right results.

Read about Jimm Fixx, a fellow heavy guy turned healthy runner (he was 240 lbs), and hit your library for his book "The Complete Book of Running"