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Friday, May 16, 2008

Hedging My Bets: Race Goal: Sub-23

DC Comic Book FlashInquired with Jim as per what pace might be smart tomorrow (Run for Hungry Children at Wheaton Christian Academy), given my fitness level, and PR last year. Running better than 22:00 seemed unreasonable, but slower than 25:12, my time at my first, and slowest race, at the Cream of Wheaton, also seemed unreasonable.

He suggests between 22:30 and 23:00. I worked out the paces. I gotta admit, this seems daunting, but I'll give it a go. Ultimately, Saturday's race is an experiment, to get a baseline. It is a time trial and a workout. While I hope to hit my mark, what matters more is to have a better audit of my capacities.

Ideally, then, any split between 7:15 and 7:26 should be OK. I'll start closer to the 7:26, and see how it feels. This might turn into a crash and burn style race, but c'est la vie. Who knows, I might just pull it off.
7:15 -- 22:28.5
7:16 -- 22:31.6
7:17 -- 22:34.7
7:18 -- 22:37.8
7:19 -- 22:40.9
7:20 -- 22:44.0
7:21 -- 22:47.1
7:22 -- 22:50.2
7:23 -- 22:53.3
7:24 -- 22:56.4
7:25 -- 22:59.5
7:26 -- 23:02.6
picture: DC comic book character, The Flash, a nod to buddy Justice Carmon, who thinks more than most of us about superhero dynamics. I wonder if the Flash ever ran intervals?

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