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Monday, May 19, 2008

Can I Drop 3:53.6 This Summer?

My actual time for the Run for Hungry Children has posted - 23:53.6. It seems wrong, based on my watch and all, but such is the official time. It is close enough to realize the challenge.

42nd of 128 runners
10th of 18 in age group
34th of 73 males

42 - Anthony Trendl - M - 40-49 - 180 - 23:53.6

Much room to improve. Can I drop 3:53.6 this summer?

I have not been shy about my intentions. I want to race under 20:00 for a 5K. Did it a lot when I was a kid, so why not now? Stay healthy, train consistently, race smart, and I expect my time to drop. That said, I ran hard all last year and was two minutes off.

Changes this year include running Jim's daily workouts. His guesses are better than my most thorough decision. And, he does not guess. Also, I have last year's fitness, and lessons learned behind me. There are new lessons, but that's the edge on last year.

Coming up is June 7's Run for the Animals. Last year, I ran a 25:12. No longer worried about hitting that, but I do wonder how much I can improve between now and then. Jim's got me down for what I estimate to be around 90 miles. Last year, I had run 35 miles from May 18-June 1. I have an extra week this year.

It is too early to have a firm goal for June 7. Today, looking at my progress, future training, the course itself (presuming it is the same), something in the low 22s seems possible. Breaking into the high 21s would not surprise me. With three weeks to race time, with 90 miles of running, a serious break-through is possible.

ASICS 2130There's no "If I think positive thoughts" hooey here. While I do not fully understand why 20:00 is hard to do, it is a challenge that has hurdles. I'm 41. I have weight to lose. I have a life outside of running that remains more important than any 5K.

Though the positivism nonsense is not my modus operandi, I am optimistic. The elements needed are in place: good coach, plenty of drive, fitness level still improving, and a pair of snazzy new shoes. If I miss my mark, it will not be because I didn't try, or have what I needed to succeed. In the end, that's enough. There's plenty of honor knowing I gave it a shot.

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