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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Better Than Yesterday, Farther To Go: Nice Track Workout

800 m warm-up (I was late)
6x100 striders
1200 (200) - 5:25
400 (400) - 1:45
1200 (200) - 5:33
400 (400) - 1:41
1200 (200) - 5:20
400 - 1:35
800 warm-down

total: 5.25 miles

57°F Clear
Wind: NE at 1 mph
Humidity: 42%
course: Glenbard West track

Plan B - Glenbard West High School track (see school above). A junior high school track meet was going on at Wheaton College.

The workout was good. A few discouraging workouts recently were starting to mess with my confidence. Oh, now, come on. Don't tell me this never happens to you. So today's workout was like seeing the chiropractor. That's why, to confuse the metaphor completely, I call it my weekly butt-kicking. It aligns my perspective.

I ran with Lee. He's a good encourager, but also, running smart. He knows why a workout is a good idea, what it is supposed to do, and where he lands with his pace and so on. I think I am speedier than him if it came to a sprint, but, he has so much endurance that it would never come to that.

My pace was strong, but, more importantly, somewhat consistent. No faster than 7:06/mile pace (last 1200), and, I think, around 7:26 for the other two. Tired, but not wiped.

Right calf hurts.

The race Saturday will still be a challenge, and, as far as time goes, I am more or less clueless.

Somehow, Wild Cherry's song, "Play That Funky Music" came up with Mike DeMeritt and Matt Jewell. Tune's been in my head since. Below is some college kid's video interpretation.

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