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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Call Me Tupac: 4.92 Miles of Weight Loss

4.92 miles (43:32 - 8:51/mile)

total: 4.92 miles

Wind: W at 5 mph
Humidity: 36%
course: COD loop

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: W at 0 mph
Humidity: 29%

Tupac Shakur, I am not. Developing, finally, though, is a two-pack. A six-pack is a summer away (if ever), but there is some semblance of fitness sneaking through.

This afternoon's run went better than expected. The course wraps around the College of DuPage, along Butterfield to Rt 53. You locals know both are moderately busy roads, with some minor hills thrown in. Footing is complicated with the shoulder of the road broken up. This almost caused me to twist an ankle.

My assignment was 42-52 minutes fresh.

With my pace on Sunday going as slowly as it did, I did not expect an 8:51 pace. Blazing that's not, but a 9:30 was on the radar. Yesterday's rest day must have been the difference. Given that, my plan was my 4.92 mile course. Next time, I will add a half mile.

Left hamstring felt tight. Gait felt easy, as did posture. Everything felt good. Pace was steady throughout. A good workout.

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