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Monday, August 24, 2009

Linear:Nonlinear Mode Resolution Over 4.36 Miles

4.36 miles run (38:59.64 - 8:57/mile)
0.50 miles walked

total: 4.86 miles

Current: Clear
Wind: E at 0 mph
Humidity: 49%
course: COD Loop

Not quite sure how it is I went this fast. My legs felt heavy. My stride is stretching out, but is a long way from loose. I felt some bounce in my toes along with the slugging around of step-to-step. I am improving, and that's a nice way to finish the afternoon.

As I posted to my Twitter account:
The best thing about running with a cacophony of iPod music, traffic noise and my out of shape heartbeat is that in this, my thoughts organize.
As a writer both when working and on my free time, I often think in a linear:nonlinear mode, particularly in my creative work. Writing is a mix of craft and art, and so this tends to drain me of real processing of what I think. Hard to explain that here, but what happens as I run, all the noises are both completely tuned in and tuned out at once, a paradox of associating and disassociating on the same mental plane. The dogs barking, the cars honking, the singer singing and my own thoughts grinding away at yesterday's problems all go away. Things get sorted out.

This settling of my mind is what I need. This is more important than those blessed endorphins, and even more than the physical health benefits. Perspective, emotionally and spiritually, comes around.

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