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Monday, August 24, 2009

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Monday Check-in

138.2 lbs. (down)
51 - Pulse (up)

Lost a couple pounds? Maybe, maybe not. Last Monday, it was at 140.0, but had been fluttering in the 139s. Hard to tell what is reality. Not only is my scale not trusty, if I ran the night before and had not yet replenished my liquids, I might be lighter than reality. Either way, good stuff.

Last week was solid in terms of running. 32.72 miles. Two longer runs on each side, 10 miles and eight miles respectively. Yesterday was a rest day.

Everything is feeling OK, though I am wary of my knees, shin and Achilles. Good rest days and a balance of hard-easy days will help.

The week coming must resolve a complicated schedule, and will not have the quality of runs I would prefer thanks to a travel. A treadmill or two must be the solution.

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