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Monday, April 14, 2008

Groundhogs in April: A 40 Minute Neighborhood Tour

groundhog4.42 miles - 41:50 (9:27)
0.50 wd walk

total: 4.87 miles

Wind: NE at 2 mph
Humidity: 31%
course: COD Loop

Easy run on area roads. Slowing me down were damp shoulders - it has rained almost non-stop this last week, and slow growing hills. That same rain kept me inside since last Monday when I had a nice 5.5 mile run.

I don't mind that I ran slower, so long as I keep getting out there. My goal is 19-20 miles this week, and a few are out of the way. These slower miles will knock some fat off, and help my base.

The course was one of a few COD Loops I developed last week on Essentially, it takes me from my home to Butterfield, and goes east or west (east today) until I turn north and return home.

Today, I felt stiff and tired going into it, but the beautiful sunny day could not be kept at bay. I was not the only one. The bright day brought open windows.

The bad drummer down the road practiced. I saw the older neighbor in the black cap with his little dog, and the woman who walks with her husband. Good weather brings out all the ground hogs to see the sun.

The well-heeled neighborhood kids drove quickly home from Glenbard South High School. Cars looking straight from showrooms sped too fast down the streets, without a cop in sight. Two almost cut me off, one on purpose, yelling out the window. Let's see what they've still got in the basement when they hit 40.

A few walkers were canvassing the sidewalks in front of COD. Runners? None, surprisingly. Maybe they are out in the morning? I don't know. Hopefully, I will be an expert in this soon.

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