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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Two Weeks and Running: 23.71 Miles This Week

I ran 23.71 miles, meeting my week's goal of 23 miles. This means two consecutive weeks above 20 miles. It also means 62.31 so far for the month, exceeding January, February and March together (53.98).

Next week's goal is 25 miles. I have 26.62 miles planned, but there are so likely schedule challenges competing with my workouts. Adjustments might need to be made.

Threw in a few sit-ups and push-ups, which I have started-stopped before, but, once again, hope I do more of. There's no way I am getting my abs back just by running.

Below is what I ran, but misses the two walks on Wednesday, a rest day. One walk was about four miles, and the other slightly less than three miles.

Sun Apr 20 -- 0.00 -- rest
Mon Apr 21 -- 3.92 -- COD Loop
Tue Apr 22 -- 4.92 -- COD Loop
Wed Apr 23 -- 0.00 -- rest
Thu Apr 24 -- 6.38 -- Spivey track workout
Fri Apr 25 -- 0.00 -- rest
Sat Apr 26 -- 8.50 -- Springbrook - LSD

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