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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Running with a Renegade

3.0 miles (24:33 - 8:11/mile)
0.50 miles warmdown

total: 3.5 miles
course: COD treadmill

Nice little run. The first 1.25 miles were at around 8:34/mile, while the rest was around 8:00/mile.

It felt good, and as I had a nice sleep last night, recovery should be fine. The hard workouts are ahead, but the slow ramping up will mitigate the pain.

Ipodding tonight to the speedier cuts from Styx' Greatest Hits, with some Charlie Peacock thrown in during my warmdown, I disassociated from a long day overseeing a video shoot (handled masterfully by a colleague, videomaster Matt Hockett). It was a good day, but took the gas out of me.

It is good to find my stride. It isn't easy yet to run under 8:30/mile, but that will come as I drop fat. I'm longing for the long miles, and if I keep this up, will see them much earlier than last year.

Jim's suggested plan for mileage buildup is to run five days/week, slowly adding a half mile, then dropping back, giving the body a chance to respond. If things are hard or aching, reverse course slightly. My goal is to do this Monday-Friday, but this week, I'm on day 4 on a Wednesday, sort of. To get things on track, I'll count it as a day 3, and drop a notch tomorrow, add a piece Friday or Saturday.

Week 1
day 1 - X+0.5
day 2 - X
day 3 - X+0.5
day 4 - X
day 5 - X+1.0

Week 2
day 1 - X+1.0
day 2 - X+0.5
day 3 - X+1.0
day 4 - X+0.5
day 5 - X+1.5

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