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Monday, September 8, 2008

A Winter Comes With Miles Foreboding

Monday Check-in

130.4 lbs. (up)
50 - Pulse (up)

Weight and pulse steady, slightly up. A bigger question is fitness.

Though (and perhaps because) mileage has wavered greatly, my workouts have been good. Friday's quickened pace, and Sunday's easy eight miles both felt right. Missing are miles. I do not want a break if it means overall, my times do not improve. My progress has been slowly built, but can be lost in a blink.

While I have stated goals in my race list on the left, I know that getting under 20:45 is not likely. A long winter of cold miles is ahead: running early in the morning; my body gathered tightly in turtlenecks, cotton gloves, hats and rain; eyes watering, feet slipping -- this is what stands between me and next March and running hard toward sub-20.

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