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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Run for the Mind: 5K Forthcoming

A change of plans. My race list is inaccurate, as I found a good buddy is running a different race.

Today will be the Run for the Mind. Still a 5K, but this time, on a trail course. Hardly real trail running, but it will no doubt will slow me down.

Also slowing me down will be sluggish legs. I blew off yesterday's workout for no other reason than I let the day escape. I had time. The weather was nice. I just was caught up in other things, and lost track of time.

Today's plan requires that I go out slow. I am not expecting a PR.

1 - 7:00
2 - 7:00
3 to the finish, whatever's left.

It will be a small crowd, and as such, there will be few running around my speed. A few will be much faster, and a large group a minute slower. With this, managing my pace is probably going to be a solo thing. No help from my comrades of the struggle.

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