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Saturday, September 6, 2008

PADS 5K and 10K - Brief Recap with Pictures

Mike Demerrit brought out a good representation of the Jim Spivey Running Club. Frank, Lee, Rudi, Rich, Paul, Margaret, Steve, and Kevin were all there, as was I, to help raise funds for PADS.

Kevin and Frank smiling just before we got into action.

Had a fun post-race conversation with Mike's wife Valerie, who says she actually reads my blog.

I spent my time at a corner with Steve Hess and Nick, a policeman, who did the official traffic directly. I did little more than clap and cheer, but I was enthusiastic.

No real hitches outside of an overly grumpy business owner, convinced he was losing customers, and a few drives unhappy they had to go another way. Wheaton's downtown traffic is complicated, so I felt their frustration, but little could be done about it.

I missed pictures of some colorful dressers, a few race walkers and the overall race scene.

Mike directs us to what we'll be doing and where.

Entirely unrelated are two new YouTube videos I have posted:

Laptop Blogging Blues - A poem I perform with images of my garage about the struggles of blogging with borrowed WiFi.

You Gotta Shake What Your Momma Gave You - Just a silly video of a baboon dancing at Brookfield Zoo lazy weekend.

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