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Sunday, September 14, 2008

2008 Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon Results & Video

Just got back - raining like crazy. Some friends ran this, and we went along to cheer them on.

Several videos in a playlist. Results.

2008 Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon Results & Video


screaminzab said...

Awesome footage. Thanks for the comment and the link. It gives a great perspective on what it really looked and felt like out there. Well, maybe not felt. I'd have to dump a barrel of water of my head to feel that.

Paul Kapellas

Resilient Hawk said...

Thanks, Scream,

I wish I brought my real video camera, but my cheapo cell phone (free when I re-signed with T-Mobile) was better than expected.

The videos aren't order, I'm afraid. We were at the place not far into the race where runners ran on both sides of the road. The long video (about 3:00) I think we runners at around the 1:50 pace, while the others include my friend who ran at about 2:01. You'll see a couple runners who were in the lead, maybe 4-5th place. I couldn't get the camera working quickly enough.

My own training has gone well this summer, and I began to wish I would run the race -- until the rain. A drizzle can be refreshing, but when shoes get squishy, that's misery.