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Sunday, October 14, 2007

This One's For Jack - No PR, But a Decent Race

Tony wearing his This One's For Jack 5K t-shirtThis One's For Jack 5K road race - 22:39 (see official results)
.25 wu
4x75 striders
3.1 miles
.5 wd

total: 4.0375 miles

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: E at 6 mph
Humidity: 80%
course: This One's For Jack road race - streets of Glen Ellyn, IL

Mile 1 - 6:53 or 7:01
Mile 2 - 14:27 (7:34 or 7:21)
Mile 3 - unknown
Mile 3.1 Finish - 22:39.3 (official) - last 1.1 miles in 7:27 pace

Some disparity between the official clock and my friend Jeff Couch's watch. He says the official mile one clock was eight seconds fast. My finish time is off, as I missed turning off my watch as I entered the chute. I'll adjust this post when the results are in.

What plagued Chicago Marathon runners did not concern us. While they had high heat, and little water, we had a perfect temperature and rain. The rain, for me, only mattered in traction. The road was slippery, and, at one point, I almost wiped out. Who knows how the Glenbard West High school runners behind me must have laughed at my near splattering mid-road.

I started as intended, right on pace. I tried to hold, but the hills did me in. Near the end, I kicked pretty well, but too little, too late.

My goal was 22:00. I was 39 seconds off, but, still, feel I did well given the hills, and given the unusual speed of the Park Ridge Charity run, where PRs are expected. So much better than my first showing in Glen Ellyn, for the Fourth of July Freedom Four four-mile race (plopped out an 8:14 pace -- look out next year!), when the hills kicked me square on the keister.
10th in my age group (40-44), 41st overall (819 finishers)

10 Anthony Trendl Glen Ellyn IL 41 41 22:39.3 7:18/M

Not only did Jeff Couch run (finished in 20:49.0 - setting himself up nicely for a sub-20:00 PR next week), but Margaret was there, sitting in her warm, cozy, dry van, cheering us on. Mike DeMerritt volunteered for the Glen Ellyn Runners Club, passing out flyers at the finish chute. Nice to see them all.

Took in a free massage afterwards. My back and I have not gotten along well the last few years, so the opportunity was good.

To the race organizers: well done. So much better than the September 30 Morton Arboretum 5K disaster. Plenty of amenities, from enough port-a-johns to food, to water. Volunteers were everywhere, doing a great job doing everything from cheering us on, to getting our bags checked, to efficiently processing registration. When I got there, the parking guys were polite, and when I left, people said thanks for coming.

Next off, hopefully, is a 5K in Oak Park, named after Frank Lloyd Wright. Unsure what my goal will be, but a PR is the idea.

See: My earlier thoughts on This One's for Jack.

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