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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stress Relief, Preparing for Tomorrow

4.8 miles miles, no particular pace.

Stress abound, with the job hunt, and lots of personal life matters in tow, this run, for me, served as a good purging device.

Rich, Linda and Lee were all there. Lee, coming off a 3:59:30 marathon (qualifying for Boston by :29-point-something) last Sunday, was recovering better than expected.

The ramble was a quick one - around 46-48 minutes. Nothing speedy. In fact, we waddled slowly on the return trip. For me, with so few miles these last 10 days, I need to swing back into things carefully. My base is not so solid as should be as to be able to endure these sorts of blips.

Along the way, someone mentioned that my play-by-play of my job hunt was tiresome. A new topic was needed (not to mention that job). What then?

We wrote a few lines of a poem. Linda started, then Rich, me, then Lee, back to Linsa, each adding a words. All I recall is something about a shadow creeping under a street light.

Tomorrow, the JSRC workout -- normally on Thursdays, will be held. And a tough one at that. 2x1600 (400) 1000 (400). I hurt already just thinking about it.

I'm not used to running the 1000, but expect I'll foolishly run it like an 800, with more pain. I don't know how to adjust for that extra 200 meters. Just the same, that's the workout, with a total of 7.0 miles if it goes as expected.

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