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Monday, October 8, 2007

4 Quick Miles Amongst Cigarettes and Crickets

4 miles -- 32:24
.5 wd

total: 4.5 miles

Wind: SW at 16 mph
Humidity: 48%
course: Illinois Prairie Path southward from zero

Mile 1 - 8:00
Mile 2 - 7:58
Mile 3 - 8:13
Mile 4 - 8:13

A fiasco at the dry cleaners slow me getting to the trail. Got too dark for the six miles I intended. A little harder than my warmup, but holding back some, it went well. First two miles were intentionally harder, and the second were cruising back home.

A hard walk warm down for around eight minutes.

Crickets were in fine force, as were the junior high school kids sharing a cigarette. The usual suburban rebels without a life. The acrid scent of ladybugs wafted through the air, while on the ground, leaves covered the path.

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