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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Butt Kicking? You Bet! 2 x 1600s and 1000s

2 mile wu
400 some more wu
6x100 striders
1600 7:04 (400)
1000 4:20 (400)
1600 7:08 (400)
1000 4:08 (200)
900 wd

total: 7.3125 miles

weather: not known exactly
48 degrees, windy on the back stretch
course: Wheaton College track

As expected, it was a tough workout. Especially tough as I have lost a little fitness due to not hitting the pavement. Excuses galore, some of which are pretty good ones, but, just the same, there was not an enormous amount of juice in the tank.

My times are faster than they appear. At least, that's what I prefer to think. Until the final 1000, I wore an oversized fleece jacket. Wind resistance. Viva le Resistance! The first three intervals were all run at close to the same per lap pace, around 1:44-1:46.

Jim reminded me to run not on my toes, per se, but to get them involved. I'm only partially sure I get this, as it isn't a sprint we are dealing with here, but the gist is to push off them more. I worked on this primarily on the last 1000, and have the aching calves to prove it.

To say it was cold is an understatement. So much so that while waiting for Jim, I popped in a slow 400 just to keep loose.

Joe Bean Field (Soccer) Wheaton College Illinois
While we ran, in the next field over, the Wheaton College Women's Soccer Team was stomping Carthage. The score was 5-1, finishing an excellent season for their conference schedule with a record of 7-0-0, and clinching the CCWI Championship. The men followed, but it was 0-0 in the first period when we left (note: Cathage slid passed them 1-0)

After the workout, several of us hit Shannon's Irish Pub. (There's nothing Irish about it except that they serve Guinness. I didn't see blood pudding on the menu.). A full quorum for a good times was there, and I met Suzanne Ryan and Todd Moxley, both CARA Runners of the Year last year. (Suzanne's on her way to attempt qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the marathon, and Todd's clearing out medals and other hardware in the masters division. And, don't let his masters status fool you - he's running 5Ks in the mid-15s. That would be a proud accomplishment for most runners. Suzanne's sister Jenna was there as well, and we talked up children's books. All solid people - we had a fine discussion (in the unlikely location of a bar, no less) about what matters in life. Suzanne, Jenna, and Todd all have it together.

Painters USA Paul and I chatted up the details of painting. Good guy, and encouraging to me. He owns Painters USA (800-999-8715). Seems one of his employees was Craig Penzato, owner of Harbinger Home Restoration (630.208.8308) and a good friend of mine, when Craig was just starting out.

Need residential or commercial painting? Give one of these guys a call, and tell them I sent you. I suppose if you choose either, maybe they'll buy me a burger for the free plug. Help me get my next meal, and give them a shout.

Where will I eat that burger? At Shannon's, of course!

Shannon's Irish Pub
428 N Main St
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
(630) 790-9080

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