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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Women's Half Marathon Record Broken - 1:06:25 by Lornah Kiplagat

How fast is a 1:06:25? Broken down, it is a pretty speedy time. How many of us would love to run one mile at the pace she ran 13.1?

The times below aren't where she was at each point, but extrapolated from her per mile pace, to give a picture we plebeians can relate to.

1 mile -- 5:04
3.1 miles (5K) -- 15:43
6.2 miles (10K) -- 31:26
26.2 miles (marathon) -- 2:12:50

From the looks of her PRs, many of which are also world records, it seems the marathon world record will be facing some heat from her when she next runs one seriously.

Kiplagat breaks world half-marathon record
Malaysia Star - Oct 15, 2007
UDINE (Italy): Lornah Kiplagat of Holland broke the world women’s half-marathon record on Sunday when she clocked 1’06:25 in a largely solo run at the world road running championships.
From her site:

Lornah Kiplagat is the founder of the HATC, and is a celebrated World Class athlete. She was born in Kenya but since 1999 has lived in the Netherlands. In 2003 she was awarded Dutch citizenship.

Lornah is running Cross Country, Track, and Road Races of all distances up to the marathon event. Her best performances have proven to be on the roads. She is the only women to win Peachtree Road race and Falmouth Road race in the same year. This astonishing feat has been accomplished by Lornah for three consecutive years. Her catalog of wins and course records across the globe is one of the most envied in the sport of road racing.

Personal bests:
  • 5 K road: 14:47 (world record)
  • 10 K road: 30:32
  • 10 Mile: 50:54 (world record)
  • 20 K: 63:56 (world record)
  • ½ Marathon: 66:25 (world record)
  • Marathon: 2.22.22

Winner of:

  • 1997 &1998 LA Marathon
  • 1999 Amsterdam Marathon
  • 2002 Osaka Marathon
  • 2000, 2001, 2002 Peachtree Road race
  • 2000, 2001, 2002 Falmouth Road race
  • Egmond ½ Marathon
  • Dam tot Dam 10 Miles
  • Tilburg Ladies 10 K
  • New York City Mini Marathon
  • 5 times Glasgow 10 K

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