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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Six Hearty Miles of Sheer Pleasure

6 miles 51:20
25:57 out, 25:23 back

wd 0.25 miles

total: 6.25 miles

Wind: NE at 17 mph
Humidity: 51%
course: Illinois Prairie Path southward from zero

After an especially challenging track workout, I hit the path for some easy recovery miles. David Dane joined me - he walked a quick two miles while I sauntered through six.

It was cool, but I was too warmly dressed. My bandana is as drenched as any hot summer's day. My socks were not fitting right, and I might have a blister on my right big toe on the inside. Not a pleasant feeling, bit not much on an issue until the final half mile.

All pleasure, though, not pressing nor relaxing. Just shooting through the miles as it felt fine.

Met a high school runner as he shot past me as I closed in on my first three miles. Randall. He's a 1:54 800 meter runner from Glenbard South. He's got a 4:39 indoor mile behind him as well, but he hasn't really run the distance for time, it seems. He's got his eyes on the Illinois high school 800 state meet, but knows last year's champ is coming back. If you read this Randall, drop me a line.


David Dane said...

You forgot to mention David Dane stopped and purchased a large diet coke, and a snickers bar after his quick walk. Meanwhile you were out burning all those calories.

David Dane said...
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