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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Four Mile Repeats For 7.5 Mile Workout

2 mile wu
6x100 striders
4x1600 (400)
600 wd

total: 7.5 miles

course: Wheaton College track

A good workout for me tonight. My goal, initially, 7:15s, then, Jim adjusted it to 7:20. Not sure why, but I had a hard time adjusting on my end. My pace for the last three miles was pretty steady per 400, so I'm glad in that.

Mile 1 -- 7:10
Mile 2 -- 7:14
Mile 3 -- 7:14
Mile 4 -- 7:13

The workout was longer than usual, but I feel good. Grape Fierce Gatorade and a bag of Tostito's White Corn Chips are assisting in my recovery.

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