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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Course Replete With Road Hazards

6.28 miles LSD with some pickups
57:53 (8:59/mile)

total: 6.44 miles

Wind: SE at 9 mph
Humidity: 56%
course: Arboretum 6.44 mile loop

With winter coming, I thought getting my sea legs under me, so to speak, might help. Sea legs, in this context -- I really mean learning to watch my footing. On the track and Prairie Path, there is no footing issue. Here, on this route that follows along road shoulders, there are road hazards.

Besides dead animals (I saw two dead opossums, two or three coons, and at least six, maybe 10 squirrels), there is torn up road, newly lain grass, unexpected tired divots, and the occasional crazy driver.

I lost a minute or more stuck on an island on Butterfield, and at various stoplights. My timing was not good -- rush hour.

I intended to go as slow as I did. The constant hazards kept me busy, and, although I only went at it around 9:00/mile, it was tougher than that. Broke a tough sweat up and down some hills and ditches.

Might do this again, but at a safer time. It makes me miss the long, lonely farm roads just outside of Bloomington, IL.

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