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Thursday, October 18, 2007

800s, Cramps and Lightening

2 mile wu (8:08 out, 8:01 back)
6x100 striders
800 (300) 3:13
800 (300) 3:24
800 [400] 3:20

800 (300) 3:23
800 3:16

600 meters wd

total: 6.0625 miles

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: S at 33 mph
Humidity: 39%
course: Wheaton College track

Don't let the wind speed fool you. It was gusty, as opposed to constant. That said, gusts make for a hard run. And, the quieter parts were not so quiet. It was windy. Luckily, most of it was steered off the track by small groves of trees around the perimeter.

No Chicago jokes.

Jim gave us the low-down on what to do if the lightening looked serious. It shot in the background, just close enough to keep an eye on.

It was an 800s night. I love 800s. Half endurance, half speed, half guts. Unfortunately, for me, something has to give to make it 100%. My times are above.

Had an odd cramp just below my ribs in the back, which caused me to bow out of the last 800. Looking back, I should have run it anyway, but I wasn't sure. Cramps at age 41 are not as easy to work through as at 17.

Why a cramp? I don't know. Suspect to me, though, is my fitness. I have not been putting the miles. Was that it, or the Cornish hen for lunch? Next time, I'll avoid heavy meats, sleep better, and put some miles behind me.

Two new people today -- I hope we welcomed them properly. Two friends of Margaret's, Kathy and Soni. Unlike my first track workout with the Spivey club, they are in shape and ready to run.

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