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Friday, October 12, 2007

Put Down the Cookie, Lace Up the Shoes and Hit the Road

Jack La Lanne This week, since I started my journey in May, I will pass the 500-mile mark in miles run, and, in theory, will have lost 15.5+ lbs. Not so, as my calorie intake has increased, as has my muscle mass. I've lost nine pounds, which is still wonderful.

140-9=131, though it flops around a couple pounds either direction.

Two tools you might find handy are below.

The first just asks you your weight and how far you went. The other is an article explaining the differences physiologically between walking and running. It relates this to calorie burning.

Exercise is a key part of sustained fitness, so those of you who are hoping running will help you look like a young Jack La Lanne might find them helpful. You won't even need to make those nasty looking vegetable drinks he now hawks on informercials (That's the Jack La Lanne Power Juicer to you non-TV folks).

Calorie Calculator at Runner's
The calorie calculator at Runner's World tells you how many calories you burned on your run, based on distance run and your weight.,7153,s6-238-306-313-0-0-0-0,00.html

How Many Calories Are You Really Burning?
If you think running and walking both torch the same number of calories per mile, you better put down that cookie.,7120,s6-242-304-311-8402-0,00.html

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