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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

8 Miles (Fall is Coming Fast)

8 miles - 1:11:01 (8:52/mile)
.5 miles wd

total: 8.5 miles
course: Illinois Prairie Path zero southward

4 Miles out - 36:25
4 Miles back - 34:36
Welcome you wonderful bloggers
curious about my running adventures!
Can a 41 year-old out of shape guy transform himself from a 31-something 5K runner to a speedy sub-20:00 masters racer? Good question, and, so far, the jury is still out. As you might know, I am at 22:00 (race PR, not treadmill), not 20:00. I'm getting there, and it will take more days like today to get me there.

Today's workout had no time goals. Just wanted to get in a long run, and start getting used to longer runs. Endurance and extra body weight are still what are slowing me down in the short races, and the only way to resolve this, as far as I know, is hoofing out the distance.

I started with and 8:48 mile and finished with around an 8:05. In between, I went slower, then faster. I think miles 4-5 were around 9:25-9:30. When two guys passed me at mile 5, I tried to stick with them until mile 6. It woke me up, kicked me in the butt.

Leaves fell like new snow on the white path, cushioning my steps. Alone, I cared less about my watch, and more about the sound of the wind in the trees. It was a good run.

Tomorrow, I'll put in an easy 3-4 miles.

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