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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sleepy After 4.1 Miles

Disney Seven Dwarfs Sleepy Plush Toy - 11''
4.10 miles run (9:31, 9:31, 9:22, 8:57 and change)
1.10 miles

total: 5.2 miles
course: Cardinal

The opportunity to run tomorrow is minimal. I'll be at church, then playing chess in the afternnon. A neighbor invited me by letter. An old fashioned card invite. I met him at a bed and breakfast in Galena, IL. Turns out he lives, as he put it, a "seven-minute walk."

In light of my business tomorrow, and consider my time today, I ran a quicker four miles sans iPod (some songs are listed here, bottom left). The gym was closing.

If I squeeze two more runs/walks this month, I will have run/walked the most since August 2009. Then, I had 109.4 miles. August 2010 could be at 68.2.

Free water bottle at Cardinal today.

Now I am sleepy. Does anyone know why after a hard workout I want to snooze.


Jeff, Kimberly, & Zachary said...

Awesome job Tony...

I heard somewhere that if you eat more salady greens that you won't snooze after a workout... Not sure where I heard it from. :) :)

Hope all is well for you guys!

Tony said...

My trouble is I eat too many BBQy red meats. Before, after, during a run!