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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Hate Stopping - 2.5 Miles

2.50 miles run
0.75 miles walked

total: 3.25 miles

87°F | °C
Current: Partly Cloudy
Wind: NE at 8 mph
Humidity: 58%
course: neighborhood

I hate stopping. Unplanned stops, that is. If I plan in a stop, like yesterday, I'm good. No pride is impacted. Today, the heat, matched with the fatigue of carrying 15-20 extra pounds thanks to sub-par fitness, and whammy, I was done. While my pride is strong, my desire to be healthy is stronger.

Why not plan the stop? The weather, as you can see, is rough. Worse, when you subtract 1.5 hours, as I forgot to grab the weather before I left. Worse, when you add in the blazing reflective heat from the blacktops. And worse still when... No. That's all. I'm out of excuses.

Good friend Mark, who has been heartily running every day a steady three miles each, left me at 25 minutes. Not a worry. I encouraged him to press on while I took a short cut back to his place. Some short cut. He was there, smiling, with a glass of cold water and a few paper towels. We talked about important things for 30 minutes while we caught our breath.

A good, hot run.

1 comment:

Jeff, Kimberly, & Zachary said...

Keep it up, man! You're stronger than me... at least you're running. I need to start.