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Monday, August 9, 2010

By the Buttons: 3 Miles After a Long Weekend

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3.00 miles run
1.00 miles walked

total: 4.00 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness

The whole thing took 45:01. Do the math. Slow? Well, sure, if getting the finish line is the reason I was there. Not today. Today was about greasing the joints, just getting around to the gym after a long weekend in Galena, IL.

The workout was by the buttons: the six mile an hour button, and the four mile an hour button. These are default speeds on many treadmills. One mile @ 6 mph, 0.25 miles @ 4 mph, one mile @ 6 mph, 0.25 miles @ 4 mph, one mile @ 6 mph, 0.50 miles @ 4 mph. Adds up to four miles.

Some variety of health fair was going on. Translate: vendors looking for customers. Every vendor was represented by young women, not all of which worked out recently. One even had help from ACME Plastics. The free massage people left early, the teeth whitener people (that blue light thing) told me how bad my teeth are. The Qdoba girl offered me food, but I was off to run. I did score a coupon or two.

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