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Friday, August 13, 2010

Button, Button, Who Has a Button? 3.5 Miles

Sewing Essentials, 80 pcs Sewing Spare Buttons Set, Sewing Kit3.5 miles run
1.25 miles walked

total: 4.75 miles
course: Cardinal Fitness

More buttons. 6 mph, 4 mph. Just like that. Ran a mile, walked a quarter, ran a mile, walked a quarter, ran 1.5 miles, walked .75 miles.

Why? Can't I run longer? Sure I can, but I shouldn't. Parts of my body, and certainly my mind, would love a long gallop. Other parts requiring a longer ramp-up. One litmus test for me is my pulse rate. I was up near 175 the last two running sections. At 10:00/mile, a slow pace for me normally, I take notice. I'm not fit.

I headed to the gym earlier than expected. 90°s all afternoon. Though I intended all along to head to the gym, this matters because runners expecting to run outside might dodge inside the vaguely air conditioned land of treadmills.

I feel OK.

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