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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4.01 Miles Finished Thinking About the Danube

The Blue Danube (Waltz), Op. 3144.01 miles run (10:00/mile)
1.01 miles walked (15:00/mile)

total: 5.02 miles
course: Cardinal

A fine day to run. Inside, outside, all good. I went with the inside choice. Click the machine to a conservative 10:00/mile, and ran through to 4.01 miles. Had to finish the song, hence, the extra .01 run. Just to keep things all balanced, I walked an equally extra .01 to my mile at 15:00/mile.

Felt great, as if I was ready to run another 10. This is where I need to be careful. Feeling good is hardly a bad thing, but it is like a siren to sailors, and too easily, I can add miles and speed to my demise. The treadmill keeps me honest in this regard.

Warmed down to The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II. Upbeat, yet calming.

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