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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Iceman Does Not Cometh - I Need to Getteth Off My Butteth

The iceman cometh? I suppose it is possible, but we have refrigerators and freezers now, all electrically powered.

Besides, isn't it passé, at best, to be caught using a cliché found in every high school newspaper that has a hockey team (despite that the editors have perhaps not even heard of Eugene O'Neill or his famously titled book)? Especially in a blog, albeit only semi-hip (if that)?

All I am trying to say is that it is getting cold, and, the combination of weather and personal concerns have mitigated my capacity to put in mileage the last week+. Any mileage. All mileage. I have done none. Look in the past few posts. Find the most recent one that shows a workout. Yes, that's the one. Six hearty miles back on October 25. Use your fingers: how many days has it been?

Where does this leave me? I do not know. Certainly, my body has chosen to repair anything it could, given the unexpected rest. It also stopped losing weight for me. Regarding aerobic matters, I can't say. It is not as if I have thousands of miles supporting a base ready for any adventure or snag in training.

There's no iceman. This one is on me. Today, the intention is to get on over to the College of DuPage's Fitness Lab, and sign up for three months. It will cost me around $100, and get me through to February 6, 2008. A second three month stint will swing me through May 6, and well into warmer days, not to mention my first year back into this completed.

I will still need to get some warm togs and gear up for some brisk and cold Chicago days. Nasty bits, those. I'm flipping accordingly through the ASICS catalog to see what spies my eye, and will be ordering up this and that to cover the necessary concerns.

But today, I need to run. Blathering on about plans is nice, but action is action.

1 comment:

David Dane said...

Well Mr. Speedy, find'in yourself in a bit of a pickle here with the time and weather, huh? Hmmm, you've stopped losing weight there, huh? There is the old stand-by phrase that I repeat over and over in my blog post, "EAT LESS FOOD." I know the idea sends shivers down peoples spines, but you have to get to a 2000 calorie diet per day, or maybe less, to mantain what you have lost burning up the timber trails and running head long into unsuspecting bugs who were minding their business just buzzing along.