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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shiver Me Timbers, I'm Warmer Than I Expected

2752.7 wu
8x100 striders
400 (200) 1:38
400 (200) 1:46
400 [400] 1:41

800 (300) 3:38
600 (300) ?
400 (200) 1:38
800 (200) 3:38

200 (200) ;46
200 (100) ?
200 :43

600 wd

total: 6.657930108 miles (really, that exact)

Wind: SW at 8 mph
Humidity: 52%
course: Wheaton College track

Wind: SW at 6 mph
Humidity: 59%

Jim played hooky, so we were left to our own. Actually, Jim had to do some work traveling, and left his plans with Rich.

I left work at 4:05, and traffic was terrible. Everyone has left for their warm-up by the time I arrived.

I put in 16:00 of time around the track when Paul arrived. This meant I would be, once again, lonely on the track. Steve showed up, but he's around Paul's speed. Still lonely as I circled the big red oval.

We did a couple extra striders so Steve could warm up a little with us, and then did as you see above. Finding my pace on a cold night, still aching from last night's weights was not easy. My times varied, and running alone hardly helped.

My calves ache, and my stomach and sides are tight. My arms are tired. Tomorrow is a happy rest day.

Nice was that the lights remained on. The ROTC kids had some activities, and needed the football field.

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