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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Night (Not So Much) to Remember

5.00 miles
0.75 wd

Total: 5.75 miles

Not much to tell. I ran.

With my workouts coming inconsistent these days, thanks to the cold and the new job calling my attention away, I need to get more out each run. Last night was sheer LSD.

A coworker smiled, not quite sure what LSD means, so here it is: LSD = long slow distance. It does not involve drugs, a famous road, or the Louisiana State Duck Company. Now you know.

Back to my workout: just five miles at around an 8:49 pace for four miles, then incremental pickups to finish in about a 6:49 pace. It was never difficult, but left my calves sore after.

I hit the weight machines for a once around at various arms, stomach and leg machines. I am easing into this slowly, but have made it part of my routine. I will do weights at least every other visit to the gym. Since I have no real background using weights, I expect great results. In high school and college, my jobs often had a physical element, like frequent lifting, but since then, nothing.

I doubt I will ever having any discernable bulk, but I do expect to have better tone all around, and to have more power when I hit the races this spring.

With my weekly butt kicking coming up, I am concerned how I will perform on the track. When JSRC runner Margaret was doing weights this summer, she came to the track sore and, I am guessing, slower. The payoff? A solid marathon performance in Philadelphia that qualified her for the Boston Marathon. Fearless leader Jim told us that it was OK to workout at less than top form, as it is about meeting goals. In Margaret’s case, mission accomplished. My mission is, as of yet, unaccomplished, and hard work is still before me.

Beyond the weights, I need to make more time to run. Three days a week is only getting me 17 or 18 miles in. I need to strengthen my base with more and longer runs. I am hovering at between 5-7 miles a workout. Adding a fourth run weekly is next to get me back into my summer mileage of 25-30 miles/week, and then, a fifth and sixth workout.

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