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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Hurtin' After Good Workout

2 mile wu
6x100 striders

800 (500) 3:15
200 (50)
200 (50)
200 [200]

800 (500) 3:22
200 (50)
200 (50)
200 [200]

800 (500) 3:16?
200 (50) :41
200 :40?
600 wd

total: 6.59375 miles

weather: 48, light rain
course: Wheaton College track

A good hurt. Some foolishness last night on the treadmill, piking the speed to something too fast, left me aching today. How would I survive? OK, and better than expected.

Lots of times flung around, and I remember most of them, but the details do not matter. What does matter is I hung in there, and ended strong. Somehow, it did not occur to me that after the last 800, I had a couple more 200s. For my last 800, I started in 1:40, and finished with :95 or :96. My final 200, I felt good, and at ease, running it step and step with Mike DeMeritt and Paul Cook. My races have not represented strong finishes, so I am pleased.

The times are in general very good for me, but even better in light of the cool weather and the missing of many workouts. Encouraging.

Now, the dire reality. Will it be my last workout with these guys? I start a job in Lake Forest with W.W. Grainger (Do you work there? Drop me a note, and we'll go for a run.). That's a long drive, and it will hit my Thursday nights hard. 5:30 is early to the long drive commuter.

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