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Thursday, September 27, 2007

9x400 - A Good Workout

3200 wu
600 6x100 striders

Three sets of 3x400
400 (200) Fresh
400 (200) Fresh
400 [400] Good

400 (200) Fresh
400 (200) Good
400 [400] Fresh

400 (200) Good
400 (200) Fresh
400 Fresh

600 wd

Total: 6.25 miles

Wind: W at 12 mph
Humidity: 32%
course: Wheaton College track

It was a solid, hard workout for me. The weather helped tremendously, as everyone ran hard and well. Good is a few seconds faster than fresh, and my 'goods' were 86, 84, 86. My 'freshes' were largely around 93-95, with a 101 (seconds) for the second interval, and a 97 or so for my last one.

Jim hasn't yet sent by the official numbers, so I might be in error.

Good here is not just the overall solidity of my workout, but dealing well after a week without working out much and sickness. My fastest recent 400 was, and still is, an 84, run last night, and August 28 alone at COD's track. To me, more important than the fastest times, are my slower ones. The 101 was just John Grebe and I trying not to kill ourselves, trying to remember how far we've got to go (seven more 400s still at that point).

By the end, I was pretty sapped of juice, but felt good.

Afterwards, Rich hosted an absolutely wonderful birthday party for Paul. There's not enough to say about Rich's kindness and generosity. Not sure what variety of steak he grilled up, but it was fine, fine fine. I'm a red meat and potatoes guy, and, there were baked potatoes too. Who could ask for anything more?

Delicious, with terrific company. Most everyone made it, and a fine time was had by all.

What I don't know, would love to know, but cannot know is why I ran better tonight? Was it kind weather just allowing what me to do what bad weather impeded me from doing -- something in me, just waiting for cooler temperatures?

Or was it that the sickness kicked me into rest mode, and allowed for otherwise needed recovery?

I'd like to believe this is evidence of better fitness, that all those lonely runs at Springbrook and elsewhere are paying off.

Why, ultimately, doesn't matter. October 14 I take another swing at a faster 5K. The course will be much tougher than the downhill Park Ridge Charity Run, but will also be a solid three weeks of getting into better shape.

No idea yet what will be a good strategy, though dropping to 21:30 is a reasonable goal. Because of the course's presumed difficulty, I'll start more conservatively, and see what happens. Maybe 6:50:55? A 6:55 pace will take me just a decimal below 21:30.

Edit: Times
93 101 87 93 86 92 86 96 98

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